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Our Team 

A lot of our clinets will tell us that the docking staff are very frankly and carefully. The installation master is very reliable and bold, and the work is very meticulous. Guests will curiously ask about our company's story and want to know more about us ~

Why we can do the best for our clients, the answer is  experience!

When our BOSS started to come to Canada, he started from the language class and integrated into the local life a little bit. After that, I went to work in a Xiren factory and learned to make curtains. Later, as you can see, I opened my first curtain manufacturing factory, and today we have our curtain shop ~

Our quantity surveyor has more than 10 years of installation experience in large Canadian stores, handles various difficult problems, and is familiar with conventional decoration processes and technologies, so we dare to say that there are no curtains that we cannot install! We have enough confidence in our installer!

Curtain production technicians have served as technical guides at the Western People's firm for many years, and have personally participated in the production of various products. This is why we can provide so many fabrics for customers to choose at the same time! For our curtain fabrics and other accessories, our technicians also personally order the best quality materials for our guests. We could keep up with the trend of home improvement.

Well, our receptionist at the front desk is a young and energetic representative! Our new generation of young people accept new things as fast as they can describe, and they can quickly grasp various curtains information. Be good at communicating with clients, treat each guest frankly!

Recently, due to the COVID-19, our firm, like other businesses, cannot come to serve clients very well. However, we are not discouraged! Our whole team, under the leadership of Cherry, also we are supporting Frontline Healthcare Workers and Our Communities!  Our team, volunteers and our friends working overtime to make batches of batches of masks and hats donated to various hospitals! We hope to work with the front line Healthcare staff to protect our families and communities!

This is us ! B&C Blinds and Curtains just to provide better services and products to our clients,

We Never Stop!

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