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Eleganza Blinds

1. Control the light at will. Rotate the angle of the curtain to control the light intake to reach the soft light volume required in the room, without affecting the air entering the room, and without turning on the lights, saving resources.


2. Any combination of colors. Dream curtains can be matched in a variety of colors, each will show a different effect.


3. Anti-peep protection. By rotating the angle of the curtain, light and fresh air can enter, and people outside can not see indoor activities, so that privacy protection is better.


4. Replacement is quick and environmentally friendly. The disassembly of the dream curtain is convenient and easy to clean. If the curtain is damaged or stained, it can be removed and cleaned in a single piece, which solves the troublesome problem of traditional curtain cleaning and disassembly.


5. Shuttle freely. The biggest highlight of the dream curtain in form is that it is composed of vertically suspended blades that are individually suspended, that is, they are not linked together by chains or tracks at the bottom for easy access.


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